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Topics Covered in The Intimacy Project

Respected evangelical authors have begun to recognize the need for us to reclaim some of our spiritual practice heritage that has been lost through the years. Authors like Eugene Peterson, John Ortberg, Larry Crabb, Ruth Haley Barton and Dallas Willard have all written about the need for Christians to become more reflective about their inner life – that transformation does not happen simply by doing good things and serving, but it begins by placing ourselves in a posture that will welcome the work of the Holy Spirit in helping us become more like Jesus. This course focuses on some of the Christian practices that help us become open and receptive to that process of transformation.


Intro to Course/ Presence Genesis 28: 10 -16, Exodus 3:1-5
 You will begin to notice God’s presence in places and ways you had not before, ultimately recognizing that God’s presence is always with you.

Streams/Pathways I Cor 12:12
  This practice will help you gain an understanding of how you uniquely connect with God.

Group Process Galatians 5:22-23
  You will learn a group process that creates space for each participant to share their own experience with the practices in a safe environment, without judgment.

Journaling Genesis 28:16
Journaling is an excellent practice to help you process and thoughtfully consider how God is present in your daily life.

Silence and Solitude   Psalm 46:10
 You will learn and begin to practice the discipline of becoming quiet before God and learning to hear God’s still small voice.

Lectio Divina 2 Tim 3:16
  Lectio divina is a way to be in Scripture that will move you into transformation as you consider how God wants to speak to you uniquely through the Word.

Prayer Rom 8:26, Phil 4:6
  You will practice different types of prayer; the prayer of examen, breath prayer, praying with Scripture, and several other types of prayer.

Grand Examen
  A grand examen is a process to help you reflect on the movements of God in your life in the past year.

Longing Psalm 42:1   This practice will help you discern what your deepest longing is with God and what God’s longing is for you.

Creativity in Spiritual Formation Exodus 35:31-32
 You will explore ways of infusing creativity into your life with God.

Spiritual Formation and the Body Psalms 139:13-16, 2 Cor 4:7, 10    God invites us to experience spirituality in our body.  You will explore practices that move you towards a more embodied spirituality.

Stages of Spiritual Growth Psalms 84:5-7   Using the book, The Critical Journey, you will begin to understand the stages of your faith journey.

Discernment   Romans 12:2, Phil 1:9-11  This practice will help you come to a place where you can begin to trust God’s leading as you make decisions in your life, both big and small.

Spiritual Direction/Companionship   Hebrews 10:24, I Peter 3:8   You will discover several different types of meaningful spiritual relationships that will help you process and pay attention to the movement of God in your life.

Sabbath and Retreat Mark 1:45, Mark 6:45-46 These practices explore designing a day of rest and also longer periods away for reflection.

Rule of Life This practice will help you develop a rhythm of life that helps you to maintain the spiritual practices and rhythms that allow you to be more aware of God’s presence in your  life.