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"MY experience of IP was life changing. I had experienced a mid-life breakdown after several very difficult years and I found myself very stuck spiritually and emotionally. This program helped to restore my relationship with God. I went from hiding from Him to delighting in Him. This program helped me to re-enter life."

~ Diane S.


"Words fail to describe the significant impact and value of The Intimacy Project.  The IP retreats were life changing and so powerful in drawing out areas of my life that caused me to be stuck in growing in intimacy with God. I received tools that were beneficial in giving life and meaning. Additionally I received grace and walked in freedom of condemnation.  IP was life giving and life transforming. I am enjoying wide spaces in my relationship with God."  

~ Program Participant 


"I came to Kavanna House tired, worn out by life and discouraged. God 'wooed' me here to provide both a physical and spiritual space to soothe my soul and restore my life and joy again. The extravagant nature of God's love and grace for me have imprinted themselves in my soul." 

~ Heather G.


"I highly value The Intimacy Project experience, as it has been instrumental in taking me deep into my loving God's presence over the course of its nine month term. The feedback carried significant meaning to me as I am drawn into my 'friend's' presence. It feels to me kind of like I've been an electrical cord lying next to the electrical outlet for many years and that the cohort facilitator (with the Holy Spirit's urging) gently pointed me to the reality that God's Presence and Power are right there for me to plug into, and all I need to do is connect myself to Him.  It then seems so clear to me that His presence is freely given and there for the experiencing and empowering and healing and friendship and - so much more. I am truly grateful for the resources provided to me in The Intimacy Project and would recommend it to others who are seeking to press into a deeper relationship with God."  

~ Curt Stutzman 


"Kavanna House is a place to feel God's pleasure for who he created you to be. To help guide you through difficult areas of the journey reminding you that God is in control, his presence is always with you and he is available to lean into. In the crazy pace of life it is easy to lose sight of God's unending love. Kavanna House helps to provide a calm peaceful space to reconnect."

~ Program Participant


"There are many callings in life, but the most profound are those in response to God. I didn't know much about The Intimacy Project, however I felt God calling me to engage. Through that engagement, I stepped into a sacred space with a group of people who lovingly, openly, trustingly journeyed to a place of discovery. The Intimacy Project invited me to dig deeply and center my life on God. Through the guidance of sensitive and insightful leadership, I experienced a transformation. The Holy Spirit took my hand and walked through the door of Kavanna House with me and my life will never be the same."

~ Pamela Clayborne 


"I am half way through The Intimacy Project and it has changed my life already. Life comes with challenges and pain as I deal with past trauma and, as we care for foster children in our home. The challenges do not change, but my take on it has changed during The Intimacy Project: I have learned to surrender all to an amazing faithful Heavenly Father and embrace all aspects.  Carrying life’s challenges today is different and lighter as God does a deep work through the Spiritual Practices.  Receiving a scholarship for The Intimacy Project has made all this possible as we were not able to afford it on our own. Grateful forever for people who provided this for me."

~ MaddyChristine Hope Brokopp